Graphics this. Graphics that. My possessor has this much power. I can overclock. Etc. When did being a gamer become a dick measuring contest over who has the better device to play said game. I’m not that old, 23 to be exact, but I remember a time where all anyone cared about was whether the game was fun or not. It wasn’t that long ago, I promise.

When I was 15 I used to sit on the floor of my living room with a bowl of Captain Crunch and watch X-Play. At the time my family did not have the money to buy me the things I was really into, video games to be exact, so I would live vicariously through the misadventures of Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb. I had a blast learning about all of the ways that video games were affecting the world, but I had a glaring problem with the show. Almost every game that I like received a average to low score.

Why? Why did X-Play hate Saints Row so much when I had the time of my life playing it. So what if it is basically a rip off of Grand Theft Auto, it was fun. Isn’t that all that gaming should be about? I think so. So now I am going to do my own game reviews. No scores are going to be rewarded. I’d not going to harp on graphics unless it directly interferes with my fun having experience. I’m going to go over what I liked and what I did not like about the game and at the end tell you if its fun and why. That is all. Stay tuned for the misadventures of a Over Worked Gamer, and make sure you Pause For Snacks.

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