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Hands-On with Go-Tcha, the Pokemon Go Plus Subsititue

After owning the Go-Tcha for a week I have discovered the devices biggest weakness, it is way too tiny. That coupled with the terrible rubber that the device sits in makes it very easy to lose. In fact, I lost mine. One second it was on my wrist, the next the Go-Tcha was nowhere to be found. The device could benefit from a higher quality wrist strap, something that will make your $40 dollar investment safe.

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iHip Pro B20: Reviewed

I have a habit of buying a lot of useless stuff. Well, the stuff isn’t really useless, it’s just useless to me. I normally get these impulses and I act on them quite frequently. Case in point, I was walking through Big Lots looking for a Bluetooth speaker for my new apartment as well as the first season of The O.C. (I had previously bought Season 1-4 of Gossip Girl) when I stumbled upon these wireless headphones. “Wireless headphones for $15 bucks” I chuckled to myself as I scanned the back of the box “whats the catch?”